We are pleased to inform you that for many years, students from local primary schools have been continuing their education in our company by undergoing practical vocational training as CNC Machining Operators (MEC.05/722703).

Prior to being accepted for an internship at Borkomet, there is a meeting with the candidate and their parents. This allows the student and their parents to become familiar with the specific nature of Borkomet, the profile of its activities, and the conditions under which the prospective intern or young employee will work. These meetings aim to facilitate the decision-making process for those involved.

The vocational internship is conducted by high-level practitioners – Practical Vocational Training Instructors, on manually operated conventional machines as well as the latest generation of programmable and numerically controlled machines (CNC). During the internship, students not only learn the principles of operating the machines but also gain a basic understanding of machine programming language.

Photo 1 Borkomet / 2nd grade student Miłosz, together with the instructor

Photo 2 Borkomet / 1st grade student Patryk, performing measurements

We apply a practice system of 1 instructor per 1 student. This allows for an individual approach in the teaching process, tailored to the student’s predispositions.

Simultaneously with vocational internships, students receive education at the Vocational School at the School Complex in Szczekociny. In the first year, on a weekly basis, learning takes place for 3 days at school and 2 days at Borkomet. In the second and third years, it is reversed – 2 days at school and 3 days at Borkomet.

During the period of vocational internships, students receive modest but monthly remuneration according to applicable regulations in this regard.

The education lasts for 36 months and culminates in a professional examination. Upon passing the examination, the graduate receives a certificate of professional qualification. This enables them to continue their education at a higher-level school or pursue an interesting and well-paid career as a CNC machine operator.

The top graduates may have the opportunity for employment at Borkomet.

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